Description of a 144 MHz high power amplifier for 2 x 4CX250B


LA0BY, last updated 18.12.2002


View of anode circuit

This page provides information on the design and practical implementation of a rather inexpensive 144 MHz high power amplifier using a pair of ceramic tetrodes, type 4CX250B, in a push-pull configuration. I have used it mainly for MS and EME operation for many years.

Important design features and measured operating parameters are displayed in the amplifier manual (26 kB PDF). The schematic diagrams (PDF 60 kB) and the following pictures reveal further details.

Pictures of power supply unit
 Front, rear and top (open chassis) view 
 Close up of HV circuit 
 Close up of grid/screen supply

Pictures of RF unit
 Front and rear view
 Anode compartment
 Close up of output circuit 
 Grid/cathode compartment 
 Close up of valve sockets and neutralising capacitors 
 Close up of grid circuit

There is also a set of construction drawings (PDF 91 kB) made by OM1CW. This amplifier has been rebuilt by many amateurs, among them also DL5DBM, DL6YEH, VK3OF. You may contact them for further details.