LAØBY Amateur Radio Equipment


Setup at home in JO59FW for 50/70/144 MHz

At home I have only a small sation and a little shack. Primary antennas are a Vårgårda 9-ele-yagi for 2m on top and 3-ele-yagi for 6m. The horizon is good only from SE to S.

During the Es season I often install an additional 3-ele-yagi for 4m. The picture shows a larger 5-ele yagi set up for testing. Both yagis are in 28 Ohms design according to DK7ZB.

For 2m the IC-821H is driving a 4 x 4CX250B PA, and for 6m the IC-706 (mostly listening for Es monitoring).

For 4m I use an OZ2M transverter with FT-817 on IF, providing 25 W RF power.


144 MHz: Portable setup

Transceiver K3/XVTR, with PA 2 x MRF245 ca 180 W

Antenna 2 x 9-ele-yagi (Vårgårda, OZ5HF)

The mast is attached to the car for easy setup. No additional guy wires are needed.

The phasing cables are made from Aircell 7 cable, whereas the main feeder is Ecoflex 10 or Aircom Plus cable.


432 MHz: Portable setup

Transceiver IC-821H with PA 2 x MRF648 ca 120 W, antenna 2 x 13-ele-yagi (Vårgårda, OZ5HF). In case of multi-band operation I often use a single 17-ele yagi.

17-ele yagi for 70 cm with 3 cm dish below


1296 MHz: Portable setup

For 23cm the FT817 is operating at 144 MHz IF with DB6NT XVTR, PA 15W

The XVTR is mounted directly under the 23-ele-yagi, providing lowest possible feeder loss.


10368 MHz: Portable setup

IC202/XVTR, PA 1W - initial setup with horn antenna

Current setup with Procom 48cm dish


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