The Mighty Big Array of Finn Jensen LA8YB

LA0BY, last updated 21.08.2011

Few have seen such a monster antenna as the one of Finn LA8YB. It took this man more than 10 years to build a 32 x 17-ele-Yagi system for 144 MHz in the forests near Oslo. Thereby he created one of the largest amateur radio antenna arrays in the World. With this he can hear his own echoes with only 10 W of RF output power, and he is able to work single yagi stations in CW easily!

The pictures below give some impression of what I am talking about. The main horizontal mast is carried by two towers that run on a rail. Finn engineered and raised everything himself, being at an age where many other people spend their time worrying about the weather and things. Finn is one of the most outstanding radioamateurs I have met, always helpful and with a clever mind.

Centre view of the array, which is too large to fit on the picture.

The EME array is located in the middle of the forest and is operated from a little cottage.

System assembled on rail circle

Finn checking the cabling

Finn holds the WAS award, proving that he has had confirmed contacts with all 52 US states on 144 MHz via the Moon.

To the left: Jon LA8WF holds a grip around the TX feeder cable. It is thicker than the mast on which other amateurs mount their antennas.


LA8YB lost his fight against cancer and passed away on 20.8.2011. We will miss your gentle personality and your call on the bands. May you rest in peace, Finn!

LA8AJA has more pictures of a visit to LA8YB's MBA on his website.