LAØBY Amateur Radio Equipment


Setup at home in JO59FW for 50/70/144 MHz

At home I have only a small sation and a little shack. Primary antennas are a Vårgårda 9-ele-yagi for 2m on top and 3-ele-yagi for 6m. The horizon is good only from SE to S.

During the Es season I often install an additional 3-ele-yagi for 4m. The picture shows a larger 5-ele yagi set up for testing. Both yagis are in 28 Ohms design according to DK7ZB.

For 2m the IC-821H is driving a 4 x 4CX250B PA, and for 6m the IC-706 (mostly listening for Es monitoring).

For 4m I use an OZ2M transverter with FT-817 on IF, providing 25 W RF power.


144 MHz: Portable setup

Transceiver IC-821-H or K3/XVTR, with PA 180 or 300 W

Antenna 2 x 9-ele-yagi (Vårgårda, OZ5HF)

The mast is attached to the car for easy setup. No additional guy wires are needed.

The phasing cables are made from Aircell 7, whereas the main feeder is Aircom Plus cable.


432 MHz: Portable setup

Transceiver IC-821H with PA 120 W, antenna 2 x 13-ele-yagi (Vårgårda, OZ5HF).

Setup with single 17-ele yagi for 70 cm often used for multi-band operations (here with 3 cm).


1296 MHz: Portable setup

For 23cm the FT817 is operating at 144 MHz IF with DB6NT XVTR, PA 15W

The XVTR is mounted directly under the 23-ele-yagi, providing lowest possible feeder loss.


10368 MHz and 2320/2400 MHz: Portable setup

DB6NT 3cm XVTR with 6W PA by DL2AM fitted at Procom 48cm dish

LZ5HP 13cm XVTR, 2W out, fitted to F9FT 25-ele-yagi antenna

13 cm and 3 cm transverters on same mast, view shows my horizon from OH to LY


This page was last updated on 23 July 2020