QRV in Nordic Activity Contests (NAC)

LA0BY, last updated 24.6.2014



The picture shows my well proven portable setup for 144 MHz, as normally used from hilltop locations. It consists of 2 x 9-ele Yagis (modified Vårgårda) mounted on a telescopic aluminium mast.


General info on NAC

The Nordic Activity Contest is a 4 h contest that is very popular in Scandinavia and beyond. Initially it was limited to Nordic stations, but nowadays several countries outside Scandinavia have scheduled simultaneous national competitions. Stations from outside Scandinavia may also participate in the NAC as a separate Open class. The NAC is arranged on Tuesdays (144, 432, 1296 MHz & Microwave) and Thursdays (28, 50 & 70 MHz), between 19-23 local time (CET). This corresponds to 18-22 UTC during Winter time and 17-21 UTC during Summer time. You can find the contest rules and results for Norway on the LA1KKA website. EDR of Denmark organizes the NAC both in domestic and international class, see the website of the VHF committee of EDR.


My own contest activity

I often participate in the 144 MHz NAC and other contests from JO59IX, a hilltop location near Oslo. My distance range for flat band is up to 900 km. I normally listen a lot and sometimes call CQ as well. From my hilltop I may participate also in the 70 cm, 23 cm and Microwave (3 cm) legs of the NAC, at least in case condx seem above average. My equipment is all optimized for portable operation, means easy setup and short cable lengths (low losses!). I am happy to arrange skeds for long distance tests, please SMS your proposal to +47-90441132 or look for me on the ON4KST-Chat.

For contest logging and result evaluation I have been using the legendary TACLog program by OZ2M for many years. But with time it became really outdated and from Summer 2014 on I will use the excellent software VUSC4Win by OK1DIX.


A note on my callsign: In Norway we are not required to use CALL/p for temporary hilltop operations. From May 2002 I am using the call LA0BY when operating from JO59 square. If you hear LA0BY/p I will be operating from another square.