LA0BY - Website on VHF/UHF/SHF activities

LA0BY is my amateur radio callsign, assigned by the Norwegian Telecommunications Authority. I have also had a national license in Germany with the callsign DF9PY. I am a member of the national amateur radio organizations NRRL (Norway) and DARC (Germany). My favorite subjects in HAM radio are VHF propagation and the construction of receiving and transmitting equipment. Currently I am also the national beacon manager for Norway and Aurora column editor for the DUBUS magazine.

The amateur radio license gives permission to construct, own and operate radio transmitters, receivers and antennas for experimental purpose on wavelengths from under 3 mm to 160 m. By international agreements (CEPT T/R-61) this permission is extended to include many other countries.

On this site you will find some information on topics related to my Hamradio interests. It was last updated on 2 June 2015, but subpages may be of different date.



 Info on my activities "on-air" - covering VHF & up

 Extreme Tropo Propagation – presentation given at the Nordic VHF-UHF-SHF Meeting in Skjeberg 2019

 DX on VHF and above – presentation given at the Nordic VHF-UHF-SHF Meeting in Skjeberg 2015



 Beacons in Norway – link to latest list (always up to date, covering 28 MHz to 24 GHz)

 JW7SIX on Svalbard - the Worlds northernmost 50 MHz beacon

 Where to go? - recommended locations for VHF expeditions



 How to catch the DX? - my favourite propagation links

 Meteorscatter (MS) - introduction and operating techniques

 Moonbounce - some info on EME in general

 VHF propagation in Northern Scandinavia - what is so special about it


Equipment construction & measurements

  144 MHz PA with 2 x 4CX250B - description, pictures and circuit diagrams

  Antenna couplers for 144 and 432 MHz - construction details and test results

  Program to compute antenna couplers - provided by Rich, OM2TW

  SSB phase noise measurements - performance of popular 2 m transceivers



 DUBUS Standard Aurora report format - for submitting your report

 Søknad for etablering av radiofyr - gjelder kun Norge

 Egenerklæring - må legges ved fyrsøknaden


My contact details:

E-mail: la0by ”at” or (the latter works better)

Mobile: +47 - 90 11 44 32

Snail-mail: Hildsvei 5, N-1349 Rykkinn, Norway